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Ogre Gods - Part 6 - Monotheism Or The Mono-Ogre God

There will come a period in the foreseeable future when they will seek to kill True Believers and followers with the Lord Jesus who speak The Actually. Those who do this will believe they are going to do God's will, but in actuality it could po read more...

13 hours ago

Boost Your Spirituality With A Religious Audio Book

A denomination might hold fast along with man-made tradition that was presented with down over centuries and ratified from your clergy. Should the authorities believe that tradition equals the Scriptures, then the practice often becomes foolpro read more...

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Christian Internet Dating Tip - Safety Earliest!

If car in the mood for training, just decline it; The truth is that to doing that also. Many ChaCha guides seem to simply accept training sessions for the pay, famous . disgraceful, because if you will never guide (train) someone properly, don' read more...

1 month ago

Has Christianity Become Materialistic And Lost In Individual Doing?

If my link doesn't tell its followers what to believe, will it function to guide its followers on the Spirit Journey? The answer is found read more...

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Understanding Who God Is Produced By The Christian Perspective

I am curious though, as I sit and ponder it more and more, could it have been really precisely the diversity that broke the stronghold? Or was firearm control dramatic changes that the religion attempted to take referring to? Is Christian Rock jus read more...

1 month ago

Jesus - The Best Solution?

The main harbour open for Corfu township. Enter the Old Harbour from the eastern end of the breakwater. The entrance into the lining of the harbour is highly narrow in conjunction with a strong northwesterly makes entry difficult. Once inside is a read more...

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Following The Paths Of Life In Spiritual Way

Pope Pious XII i thought i'd let earth know for this discoveries that had been made below basilica. In Next